The keys to effective SEO in 2018

  1. Link Building

This is a good example of SEO service London strategies that are not new, but have gained even more relevance in 2018.

Doing a good job of internal link building is essential. Find ways to create internal links between your own related content, thus expanding the information to users and adding value.


  1. HTTPS

Security does matter. So much so, that Google already shows a warning to users when they visit an http web page that contains a form, requests an access password or those in which they have payment gateways.


  1. Content is still King

We do not tire of repeating it: the sooner you raise your content marketing strategy, the sooner you will begin the road to success on the internet.


  1. Voice search systems

We increasingly use voice searches; without a doubt, they make our lives easier and help us optimise our time.


  1. Keywords

It may seem obvious. However, as seo service london, we want to emphasise that the use of keywords will continue to be as important as ever. In 2018, we will have to play well with them and adapt them to what is coming: adapt them to artificial intelligence systems,voice search systems etc.


  1. AMP

AMP stands for (Accelerated Mobile Pages); an open source initiative driven by Google to help web developers create pages with an almost instantaneous loading time.


  1. Charge speed

Speed is not only important in mobile. Google continues to pay close attention to the loading speed of your website. Therefore, optimising your website should be one of the primary purposes of the new year.


  1. Mobile First Index

2018 is the year in which Google bets on the Mobile First Index. What is this? Well, very simple: Google will crawl and index the mobile versions in the first place.


  1. User experience

The user experience is still so crucial for good SEO in London. In fact, little by little it has been gaining importance and in 2018, it will be accentuated.


  1. Create advanced Snippets

When we talk about snippets, we talk about highlighted fragments that Google takes care of extracting from our website, achieving enormous visibility in the search engine.


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Don’t be fooled by false marketing news

There are so many pieces of false marketing news published every day…

Take for example a piece such as this: humans, due to our new habits, have a capacity of attention inferior to that of a goldfish; that is, marketing specialists have at most 8 seconds to get our attention. Indeed, many brands have been adapting their strategies to this conclusion for a long time.


There is only one problem: that it is complete and utter absurd news.
There have been no serious studies on it and probably it cannot be known with certainty what the attention span of a golden fish actually is.

Why have we set this example? Because this myth of the duration of our attention is an example of how content marketing strategies can create false marketing news, which is irrelevant and without depth.
But do not think that this is the only false news about marketing, there are many more … and new ones are coming out every day. The problem is that some can do a lot of damage.

In 2018, do yourself a favour: when you read a news item or are presented with a statistic, check where it comes from. And then, decide for yourself if the source is reliable and if the news is credible or not.